Friday, March 25, 2011

Shopping the deal sites

We love a good deal (who doesn't???) especially on stuff for the kiddos!!! Here are a few of our favorite deal sites:

Zulily: There is always a great selection here!!! Anything from nursing bras, little girls' dresses, little boys' togs, shoes, toys, diaper bags, and even clothing for mom!! Only downside to using Zulily is the shipping can take awhile since things ship from the manufacturer to Zulily and then from Zulily to you, they do have wonderful customer service though. Keep an eye out and you are sure to find the high end item you are on the hunt for at a really good price!

Babysteals and Kidsteals: Babysteals and Kidsteals each have a daily deal that is sent to your email, actually Babysteals is up to two (one at 9AM MDT and one at 9PM MDT). These deals are typically 30-70% off of the retail price. You can get anything from kids' clothes, diaper bags, cloth diapers, to toys and shoes. They have wonderful customer service and super fast shipping but watch out, if it is something popular it will sell out really fast!

Mamapedia: These are deals similar to those on Groupon and Living Social although typically for an online shop like Rosenberry Rooms,, etc. They are slowly expanding the deals in specific cities.

Gilt Groupe: This is definitely the super high end stuff. Again they have everything for kiddos you can think of and even designer stuff for everyone you could think of! Wonderful site and one to check daily.

Mamabargains: This site moves a little slower depending on what is up for sale. They have "one hot deal at a time until it sells out". Lots of stuff for brand new moms and infants.

Our new favorite blankets!!!

Looking for a great "blankie" for your little one?? Or maybe a super special blanket for yourself?? Check out the blankets at!! We particularly like the giraffe and pink combo! And of course you can get them personalized with your little ones initials. She also does some super cute little guy ties!!