Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eight Month Faves and Can't Live Withouts!

My goodness time flies!!! Baby Audrey is almost eight months old!!  I just wanted to update you with some of our current favorite products and things we couldn't live without.

Tivoli Couture NuComfort Memory Foam Stroller Liner

This is the best stroller accessory on the planet!  Not only will it protect your stroller from everyday messes but it will make it more comfy for your little darling.  The patterns are adorable and the liners are reversible!  EVERYONE needs at least one of these (we have 2!).

Halo SleepSack

We use these from nearly day one.  It gives us such great peace of mind knowing that our baby is safe and warm in her SleepSack.  No blankets to wrap around, nothing to bunch up, just safe warm sleepy baby.  And she knows as soon as it is on that it is time for bed.  We have used SleepSacks will all three of our girls and recommend them to everyone!

Little Giraffe

There are so many Little Giraffe things that we use and love!  First of all Baby Audrey absolutely LOVES her Little G plush toy, he greets her after a nap and she snuggles with him and bites his ears and tail.  When we get in the car Little G Blanky is there for the ride, if she falls asleep he is tucked under her arm with her thumb in her mouth.  Nap time is not nap time without our Chenille Dot Blanket, she cuddles underneath this super warm snuggly blanket and takes the best baby naps.  Last but not least is our Little Giraffe hodded towels...we have tried so many different towels over the years with three girls and these are far and above the BEST.  Our favorite is the Luxe Dot Towel, with it's cute little ears and super soft 100% cotton terry you just can't help but say awwwwww after you wrap up a baby burrito.    If you need a baby gift, this is a one stop shop...adorable gift sets and even gifts for mom!!!  Baby Audrey still wants an Oversized Little G and Sleepy G and we heard that Little G might be getting some new friends which I am sure we will have to have!

Sophie the Giraffe

Yes, everyone needs one (and a backup and a backup to your backup).  What's the big deal about it? Is what we get asked ALL the time...well babies just love it and  Baby Audrey is no exception!!!!  Baby Audrey also has a Sophie Bath Toy from her Auntie FaVe Mom and she gets so excited when bath time Sophie gets all bubbly too.

Mutsy 4rider

We won this stroller from a contest hosted by Baby Gizmo and love it!!!  The accessories are amazing!!!  We have the shopping basket, step up board, and tray.  It has a super smooth ride!!  The underneath storage basket is a little small but add the shopping basket and it is just perfect.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra

This is easily Baby Audrey's fave toy! We love the multiple settings that allow her to direct the music or just dance for her.

Beco Butterfly II

What would we do without our amazing Beco Butterfly II carrier!!!!!?????  We use this pretty much daily and everywhere we go!!!!  If you don't have one, GET ONE!  Front carry, back carry this thing does it ALL!


Well we know it isn't cold anymore (at least not here in the sunny Mid South!!) but when we had a few chilly spring days we pulled our Kowalli out and both mommy and Baby Audrey were snuggly warm.  If you will wearing a baby during the chillier months you NEED one!  (Trust us, we tried several of these, this is the BEST!).

Noodle & Boo

We have tried it all and always come back to Noodle & Boo.  Super soft hair, amazingly soft baby skin, and you can't help but smell the deliciously awesome baby scent!!  If you have a baby with a load of hair like Baby Audrey you  need to check out the Hair Care Products (we LOVE the Hair Polish!!!).

I will be putting up another post later this week all about our favorite baby feeding items, including our fave foods!!  Stay tuned!!!