Friday, December 9, 2011

KinderCare's Winter Science Camps ROCK!!!

Wondering what your kiddos will do during the Winter break??  Still haven't finished all your shopping??    Don't worry, we have the PERFECT solution!!! KinderCare Winter Science Camp!!!!!!  These camps are running at a KinderCare near you from December 19th-23rd and December 27th-30th.  Both school age and preschool kids will love these amazingly engaging and educational camps.

We got to check out some of the awesome activities yesterday at the preview day here in Chula Vista.  Our three year old, Gracie's, favorite activity was the dry ice bubbles.  The experiments that these directors and teachers have come up with for the camp are just amazing.  Kids will learn through educational and hands-on science themed activities and of course reinforce key subjects like language arts, math, and creative expression. 

 Learning how to make your own bubbles and bubble wands had Gracie learning how hard to blow to make bigger or smaller bubbles.  This activity combined the perfect balance of fun and learning and the KinderCare Winter Camp will be filled with these kinds of activities!  Listening to the excited teachers and directors talk about the activities planned for camp got me excited to go to KinderCare's Winter Science Camp!

Gracie loved spending the morning as a scientist and has asked multiple times to go back and play!!  Your kiddos can enjoy this amazing learning camp too from December 19th-23rd and December 27th-30th at a KinderCare near you!! 

We also got a special treat and had the opportunity to play in amazing San Diego SNOW!!!  KinderCare filled the playground with snow and let the kids make snow angels, build snow people, and of course throw snow balls.  Gracie had an amazing time, and so did I!!!  

This post was sponsored by KinderCare.