Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lela Knows!!!!

Are you overwhelmed by all of the choices out there for car seats, strollers, baby carriers, high chairs, and more?  Don't have a bunch of time to do research on each one of these categories?  Look no further my friends, is here to help!!  In just a few minutes you can have a personalized list of products selected for you with super fabulous ratings to show you which products are the most compatible with your preferences and lifestyle. 

I am absolutely in LOVE with the side bar that breaks down the different types of car seats and strollers to let you choose which makes sense for your little one.  You are not necessarily locked in to the old infant car seat and shows you the different seats that "grow with your child".  And the same goes for the strollesr, from jogging to lightweight all of your options are broken down.  And of course the carriers are broken down as well into the different categories so you can choose the style that fits your little one. 

Go check it out and save some time in picking those very important products for your baby!!  And also has a Home & Electronics section so check that out too (and maybe snag a "push present" for the new Daddy!).  :)

Ready to go to  Click this link to get started:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The designer hospital gown showdown.

With baby #3 on the way I started looking for things to make my  hospital stay more comfortable.  I knew I would be having a C-section (after two previous C-sections) and would have about three days in the hospital.  I wanted to feel as fabulous as I could for those three days.  I found several different designer hospital gown companies and brought the decision down to two, it was either going to be a Hot Mama Gown or an Annie & Isabel gown.  I couldn't I got one of each!  Here is what I thought of each...

The Annie & Isabel Susan Gown

First of all, I am absolutely in love with with company.  Their gowns are designed by two RNs so they know exactly what you need when it comes to a hospital stay.  The nurses were extremely impressed with my gown when I was in the small room getting prepped (IV, baby monitoring, pre-op meds, etc.) but they were worried they were going to get blood on it during the surgery so they asked if I would wear their gown and then change when I was in recovery.  I obliged as I wanted to wear my A&I gown during my stay and not have to change it immediately after surgery.  After I was in recovery and able to sit up without feeling nauseous (ICK!) they helped me change into my Susan gown.  Every single nurse thought it was absolutely adorable and were super impressed that it had been designed by RNs.  We left it open in the back so that the anesthesia folks could come in and check out my spinal block site since I was still in the "waiting to feel my legs again" stage.  Changing from the shapeless general hospital gown to one that was my size was amazing and made nursing the baby so much easier, there weren't flaps of fabric hanging everywhere.  The shoulders snap open and closed to make it super easy to nurse.  Once I was able to get up out of bed the next day I was able to use the side tie to ensure that I didn't flash everyone when I walked to the bathroom, and not having to ask for help with that was fantastic as I needed help with everything else.  When I was finally able to take a shower I changed to the Hot Mama Gown to give it a test drive...

The Hot Mama Antoinette Gown

I love that Hot Mama Gowns was started by a mom with a daughter nearly the same age as my first baby girl.  The organic cotton used in their gowns is super soft and supple.  And once again, having a gown that fit me versus the shapeless, meant to fit the 300 pound proverbial fat man was wonderful.  I honestly thought that I would like the HMG for nursing and toward the end of my hospital stay better, I thought the nursing access was more suited toward a longer stay.  I really had a hard time with the breastfeeding panels and the ties that allow that access and finally gave up and just used the snaps along the shoulder to nurse the baby.  There was so much fabric bunched up in the front of the gown that I felt a like I had and extra blanket on top of me.  It definitely provided me the same coverage on the backside so I was able to walk around without showing the world what was under the gown but I definitely didn't get as many compliments on my HMG compared to my A&I gown.  It was comfy but a bit complicated!  I did think that the additions to the HMG line to include headbands were super cool so I ordered a matching one along with my gown.  I was surprised that it was quite small, and I have a small head, and didn't fit so well.  The concept was great however and you can even get a matching hair clip as well.

So which one wins?

The Annie & Isabel gown was the best choice!  The more simple design allowed for easier use and the fact that it was designed by RNs made it so much easier for the RNs to gain access to anything they needed.  Nursing was super simple in my A&I gown compared to the specially designed panels in the HMG.  Both companies have amazing customer service with a personal touch (when my gowns arrived from each company I had a personal note from both company owners and HMG popped a bonus gift of their lip balm in my box which was lovely!).