Friday, September 24, 2010

A BIG boost for little diners!!

Is your little cherub done with the high chair and ready for a booster?? Check out the Prince Lionheart boosterPOD!!

Instead of the hard seat of other booster seats this has a soft squishy seat making it more comfy for little ones. It attaches to a chair using 2 very safe straps and has a traditional 3-point harness to keep kiddos safely in their seat.

It comes in 6 colors, 3 with a white base (yellow, green & orange) and 3 with a chocolate base (mint green, pink & light blue). We went with a chocolate base because white and toddlers' eating (or rather throwing) habits just don't mix!

Only downfall I see so far is trying to find one locally!! I called several stores in my area on the list and no one carried it so I ended up ordering it online. There are plenty of online retailers carrying them though!

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