Monday, May 24, 2010

Not flippin' for the Flip Hybrid Diaper System

We travel, A LOT. Sometimes we travel to places where washing cloth diapers just doesn't make sense for us. So I went searching for a hybrid cloth diapering system. The first that I did a test run of was Flip system by Cotton Babies. The one size covers had a great fit on the baby.

First up, the Stay Dry inserts. We used just these for one day and they were great!! No leaks, easy to change, less bulky than carrying pocket diapers, and they fit like a dream. I was so excited, because this seemed like a great solution for travel!

Next up, the disposable inserts. After just 2 hours we had sprung a major leak. When I took the insert out it was completely bunched up. So I changed the baby and went on with my day, and my disposable insert test. Next change had the same bunched up insert, although no leak. Third change I decided to try something different, I put a Stay Dry insert under a disposable insert. The disposable insert bunched up just the same.

So I think the Flip system is out for a hybrid cloth diaper system. I am extremely disappointed since I have read such great reviews. On to testing the next hybrid system...

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  1. I was so lucky to win a Grobaby. Got some of the disposable inserts for traveling, we are camping a LOT this Summer with no washing machine available. So this weekend while we were traveling I was able to try out the disposables for the first time - I am in love!! I'm hoping the Grovia disposables are the same, but I really like the Size 2 Grobaby ones. To avoid the stickiness on the cover I only pulled the tab just a touch, enough to attach, but not so much that it is really stuck on the cover. Anyway, just another idea to try. :)