Monday, July 5, 2010

The Best (and cutest) Paci Clip on the Block!!

We absolutely love the BinkLink Pacifier Clip. Not only are they safety tested (CPSIA Certified!!) but they are so cute!!! A few of our favorites are the Peas and Carrots and the Candy Necklace, but they have so many adorable clips to choose from (a total of 12 styles) for both boys and girls!

There is nothing better for keeping a pacifier attached than BinkLink, but now that our kiddos don't use pacifiers anymore we found a new use for our BinkLinks!!! Ever wonder how to keep a baseball hat on a toddler?? Look no further than BinkLink!!

BinkLink has even hit the 3 years+ girl market with their new Fruitabees line of necklaces. Our favorite is the candy necklace!

Check out all of the BinkLink and Fruitabees styles here!

Want to win your very own Peas & Carrots BinkLink Pacifier Clip and/or Fruitabees Candy Necklace??? A total of 5 ways to enter (each entry should be a separate comment) !! Contest ends Friday, July 9th at 5PM Pacific Time!! Winners will be chosen via

1. Follow this blog and leave a comment to let me know!
2. Follow me on Twitter and leave a comment with your Twitter name.
3. "Like" my page on Facebook and leave a comment to let me know!
4. Re-tweet one of my tweets about this giveaway and then leave a comment letting me with your Twitter name!
5. Leave a comment with your favorite non-pacifier way to use a pacifier clip!


  1. Follow you on Twitter- savleximom

  2. I think the Paci clip would be great to keep a snack trap from falling on the ground!

  3. I use the bink link to attach my son's lovie to the binkie so that he has both of them in hand. (not clipped to him though)

  4. blog follower

  5. twitter follower

  6. I like you on Facebook! :)

  7. You can use the bink link to attach a favorite toy or lovey to baby so it doesn't fall to the ground :)