Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Pacifier Showdown

My youngest daughter has decided to start sleeping and napping with a pacifier. I have no idea where it came from, she never did as a baby, but since we are traveling a lot I decided not to rock the boat!

We had a Soothie pacifier and a Gumdrop pacifier, and while they both have a similar nipple shape they are definitely not the same pacifier. The major difference that you can immediately see is the cut out on the Gumdrop that Soothie doesn't have. The Soothie has always looked like it would cover up baby's nose and Gumdrop eliminates that worry. Both are one piece which makes cleaning them super easy!

Gumdrop Pacifiers seem to be harder to find than Soothie (can be found in pretty much any large retailer) but they can be easily ordered from www.gumdroppacifier.com. They come in much cuter colors (pink, blue, orange, and purple) compared to just the green Soothies!

We love Gumdrop Pacifiers!!! Oh and of course they look super cute with our favorite BinkLink Pacifier Clips!

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  1. we use binky by platex

    amandamdaley at yahoo dot com

  2. only my last son uses a pacifier and happens to love the Chicco one!!!

  3. The little one I keep loves his gerber!