Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our MUST HAVES for the hospital bag!

I wanted to give you a list of the things for your hospital bag.  After 3 babies I think I have the hospital bag packing down!

Things for Mommy:

1. Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gown (Maternity gowns are HUGE and ugly!)
2.  Toiletries (The Push Pack is a fantastic way to ensure you don't forget anything!)
3.  A pillow (Hospital pillows are not particularly comfy)
4.  Going home clothes (think comfy maternity yoga pants and tshirts)
5.  Nursing bra or two (If you need lanolin during your stay ask for it - some hospitals have Soothies on hand and some don't, up to you whether you want to have a set on hand)
6.  A few DVDs (After delivering in three different hospitals we have come to learn that the TV selection in a hospital is terrible...and in the middle of the night it's nice to have something to watch if you are up with baby!)
7.  Camera including charger or batteries and digital card
8.  Charger for cell phone
9.  Baby book (You might have a few minutes to write down baby's birth story and getting those first foot and hand prints is fun!)
10.  Boppy Pillow 
11. Slippers with non-slip bottoms (taking a walk down the halls is nice and you want to make sure you don't slip)
12.  A cardigan or other sweater (it can be cool in the hospital)
13.  A nursing cover if you'll have visitors and want to be a little more modest

Things for Daddy:

1.  Daddy Scrubs (Mom doesn't have to be the only one wearing super snazzy delivery duds!)
2.  Toiletries
3.  Pajamas and a sweatshirt/hoodie (Snag a super cute "I'm the Daddy" hoodie!)
4.  A pillow and blanket (Hospital accomodations for Daddy aren't usually comfy and it's often chilly)
5.  Charger for cell phone
6.  Money for snacks and a trip to the cafeteria

Things for Baby:

1.  Going home outfit (Anything else you need during your stay will be provided by the hospital - including clothing, diapers, beanie hats, etc.)
2.  A cozy cuddly blanket for snuggling (We love Everything Happy and Little Giraffe blankets)
2.  Car seat installed and checked by a CPST

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