Monday, November 5, 2012

Sleep...glorious sleep (with a newborn!!!)!!!!!

I'll be honest, my first two girls DID NOT sleep well at all until they were about a year old.  It was awful, I was a mombie (my mom/zombie combo) everyday.  I tried everything to get them to settle and sleep even just for a few hours at a time.  We tried a swing, a bouncy seat, a pack n play, a bassinet that rocked, and even the crib...nothing worked.  So a few years ago when I learned about the Nap Nanny I bought one and stored it in the closet until the day when we would have baby #3. 

When we came home with baby #3 of course the Nap Nanny was ready and waiting for us.  But we only used it during the day and couldn't figure out why she would sleep during the day and not at night.  We had her in a Graco Pack n Play at night and she just never could settle.  So my mom suggested that we have her sleep in the Nap Nanny at night too and VOILA!!!!  SLEEP!!!!!!

The ingenious design of the Nap Nanny helps infants sleep longer, including my own!!  The Nap Nanny totally makes my "MUST HAVE" list!!!!!  If you are a mom-to-be, don't wait, BUY ONE!!!!  I recently talked to a mom with a baby just two weeks younger than my baby #3 and told her about the Nap Nanny, she went and bought one immediately!! I highly recommend an extra cover when you purchase your Nap Nanny Chill just in case you have a baby diaper blow out in the middle of the night and the travel bag is super if you do plan on taking your Nap Nanny with you when you travel.

Our Nap Nanny is a Second Generation version and we just love the newest Chill (and especially the Giraffe print cover!!).  

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